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Category: Podcast Episodes

Common Exercise and Training Principles

Summary Effective exercise and training plans follow particular principles that help people keep fit. It might be known in assorted terms and is accomplished through different means. Recognizing them and […]

What Are Your Intentions?

Summary Great intentions are the ultimate choice of improving your life and function as your motive that helps you to accomplish your objectives. This episode will highlight some ways that […]

Altering Habits to Better Your Life

Summary Habits are the thing of routine. Habits are acquired from our training, influences, observance, and practices. We acquire a lot of habits throughout our life, ones good that we […]

Establishing Courage to Better Your Life

Summary Once you establish courage, you begin to better your life. Courage requires leaning into fears, doubts, and worries which all can hold you back from achieving what you’re truly […]

5 Types of Activity-Oriented Meditation

Summary There are various meditation techniques one can use to achieve a clear, calm, and stable state. Learn more about activity-oriented meditation and 5 ways to practice it. — This […]

5 Ways to Build a Productive Habit

Summary Trying to build a habit to achieve your goals? Learn the best ways to do so in this episode. — This episode is sponsored by ยท Anchor: The easiest […]